Macintosh IIx

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Macintosh IIx
CPU: 16 MHz Motorola MC68030
FPU:Motorola 68882
RAM Type:30-pin SIMM
Maximum RAM: 128 MiB
Expansion slots: 6 NuBus
Supported OS: System 6.0.2 - System 7.5.5
A/UX 1.0 - 3.1.1
Introduced:September 19 1988
Discontinued:October 15 1990
MSRP:$9299 (US)
Full Specifications

The successor to the 1987 Macintosh II, the Macintosh IIx may have re-used much of the previous machine but it also brought 1.44 MiB floppy drives and a full blown 68030/68882 processor combination to the mix, thus putting more power in users' hands... at a cost.


The launch of the Macintosh II in 1987 had been a departure for the Macintosh. Away from its all-in-one (AIO) case, the Mac could now offer users expansion slots, colour and — by comparison — massive amounts of memory. Skip forward a year, and Apple was ready to release a more than worthy successor in the shape of the Macintosh IIx.

The Mac II had made good use of the Motorola 68020 CPU (one of only two Macs to use the chip, the other being the Mac LC) but the new 68030 offered a 10%-15% speed increase while still running at the same clock speed. Coupled with the new 68882 floating point unit (FPU), the Mac IIx certainly gave the machine a speed boost and allowed for a RAM ceiling of 128 MiB (the Mac II was limited to 68 MiB). It also sported the new 1.44 MiB 3.5" floppy drives, which Apple christened the 'SuperDrive' — a name that would later be applied to CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drives. Processor and floppy drives aside, the Mac IIx was identical to the Mac II — it even had the 24-32 bit 'dirty' ROM installed and still used the proprietary PAL RAM.

While the Mac II had been available for as little as $3900 (or $5500 with the optional 40 MiB hard drive) the Mac IIx weighed in at a hefty $7769 (or $9299 with the 40 MiB hard drive). It should be noted that just before the IIx was released, Apple increased the price of every Mac except the Plus [1]) and users still had to buy their own video card.

Full Specifications

  • General
    • CPU: 16 MHz Motorola MC68030
    • FPU: Motorola 68882
    • ROM: 256 KiB
    • Bus Speed: 16 MHz
    • Data Path: 32-bit (dirty)
    • RAM Type: 30-pin SIMM (120 ns)
    • Standard RAM: 1 MiB
    • RAM Onboard: None
    • RAM Slots: 8
    • Maximum RAM: 128 MiB
    • Cache: ¼ KiB (L1)
  • I/O & Expansion
    • ADB: 2
    • Serial: 2
    • SCSI: 1 (DB-25)
    • Floppy Connector: 1
    • Audio Out: 8-bit stereo (mini-jack)
    • Built-in Speaker: Mono
    • NuBus Slots: 6
  • Storage
    • Hard Drive: 40 MiB
    • Hard Drive Type: SCSI
    • Floppy Drive: One or two 1.44 MiB SuperDrive(s)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Apple Model Number: M5480
    • Codename: Spock, Stratos
    • Gestalt ID: 7
    • Power: 230W
    • PRAM Battery: 2x 3.6V Lithium
    • Case Style: Macintosh II
    • Dimensions: 18.7" x 14.4" x 5.5" (W x D x H)
    • Weight: 24 lbs.
    • Mac OS Support: System 6.0.2 - System 7.5.5
    • Introduced: September 19 1988
    • Introduced: October 15 1990
    • MSRP: $9299 (US)

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