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This is a list of keys that affect the booting of the Macintosh.

Key Function Notes
Boots with extensions and startup items disabled Depress key until the Welcome screen appears.
⌘⌥ Allows to rebuild the desktop database for volumes mounted at startup. Depress key till a dialogue box appears to confirm a desktop rebuild. This works on mounting of any write enabled volume, also.
⌘⌥XO Boot from ROM Unique to the Macintosh Classic.
C Boot from CD Only works on certain systems (which ones?)
⌘⌥⇧⌫ Bypass startup disk
⌘⌥⇧⌫# Boot from SCSI ID #
⌘⌥PR Zap PRAM Only applies to System 7 and later.
Close Finder windows Press before the Finder starts. Pressing it while starting up may cause the system to boot off any connected Zip drive. Displays a startup disk selector on OS 9.
⌘⌥TV Force Quadra AVs to use the video out as monitor Unique to the Quadra 660AV and Quadra 840AV.
Mouse button Ejects boot floppy Also ejects CD-ROM drives set as startup disk.
Turn off Virtual Memory
R Reset the screen Only applies to PowerBooks
Space Run Extension Manager Keep pressing while on the Mac OS splash. Launches Conflict Catcher if installed.
⌘⌥AV Reset AppleVision monitor Requires AppleVision 1.5.2
⌘X Force Mac OS X to boot When OS X and OS 9 are on the same partition and OS 9 is set as startup system folder.
⌘⌥NV Zap NVRAM (only applies to PCI Power Macs?) Equivalent to "reset-all" in Open Firmware.
D Boot from hard drive
N Boot from network (BOOTP or TFTP) (only applies to PCI Power Macs?)
T Start Target Disk Mode Only applies to Macs made after 2000.
Z Boot from Open Firmware devalias zip (only applies to PCI Power Macs? works on PMs with built-in Zip?)
⌘S Boot in single user mode OS X only
⌘V Boot in verbose mode OS X only
⌘⌥CI Graphical easter egg on the Macintosh IIci When date is set to 20 Sep 1989
⌘⌥FX Graphical easter egg on the Macintosh IIfx When date is set to 19 Mar 1990
⌘⌥OF Enter Open Firmware Only applies to New World ROM systems
⌘⇧ Disable all extensions and startup items but MacsBug Works nearly the same way as holding the ⇧ key.

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