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This is a summary of displays compatible with 68k/early PPC Macs without additional adapters.

Manufacturer Model Resolution Type Notes
Apple Apple Color Plus 14 640×480 Shadow mask
Apple AudioVision 14 640×480 Trinitron This display is unique in the way that it was the only display to utilize the HDI-45 connector and have the capability of transferring video, video capture input, audio output, audio input, and Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) through the main connector.
Apple Macintosh '12 RGB Display 512×384 Shadow mask This display was typically bundled with Macintosh LC series Macs.
Eizo L365 640×480 up to

1024×768 (native res.)

TFT flat panel This display supports multiple resolutions for analog as well as digital input. It fits well as a replacement for CRT displays. In case you have a video connector cable for the Apple 15" CRT, keep it for use with a L365.