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Thank you for your interest in making the 68kMLA Wiki a better resource!

How do I edit?

For general information about how to edit a wiki, please look at the information at Wikipedia. Their pages are quite complete, and we don't see any need to duplicate that effort.

Really briefly... When logged in, go to the page you want to edit, click its "edit" link. In the textbox you'll see the page's "wiki markup". This is basically a simplified notation and is translated to HTML. (You can use HTML too, but wiki markup is generally preferred.) Put == around top-level section headings, === around subsection headings, etc. Double square brackets around text will autolink to an article of that name. If the text inside the brackets has a pipe (the "|" character) then the part before it is the article name, the part after is the text used as the link. If you see a feature in an article that you'd like to use, click its edit link to see the code for how it was done.

Edit policy

In the absence of anything specific to the 68kMLA Wiki, we use Wikipedia as a guideline.

General thoughts

  • When creating a new page, make sure to add one or more categories. Category pages are automatically generated from this, building a nice hierarchy for navigation. Categories serve as a great way to find related pages, too.
  • If you create a new category, add it to an existing category.
  • Use templates where appropriate.
  • If you'd like to do something but don't know how, or aren't sure your edit would be well-received, please discuss it on the appropriate Talk page, Community Portal if it isn't specific to any one article.
  • For pure experimentation with wiki features, it is best to create a scratch page in your User space first, e.g. Special:Mypage/Scratch. (Learn more about user pages.)
  • Keep our policies in mind.