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HFVExplorer is a software to read and write Macintosh formatted 3.5" floppy disks on a Windows equipped PC with a standard 3.5" floppy disk drive. This is useful when there is access to some Macintosh datafiles only through a Windows PC computer. Then a software like this solves a part of the problem to transfer the data to a classic Macintosh. The software was tested to work with Windows XP pro. Older Versions of Windows should work, also. The programme itself will not work on any flavour of Mac OS. No installation is required, no admin privileges needed. Just decompress the zip-file to a location on the harddisk of the Windows PC and the software is ready to use. USB Floppy disk owners if you have a Mitsumi D353FUE you have a very close relative to the Floppy drive in your Macintosh. I've had only good disks with this drive. This program is also able to work with iomega zip disks and hfs CD's + Burning, + Macintosh emulator support. Free is sweet!

Instruction to copy a Mac disk on a PC

1. Lock the master disk to avoid erasing it by mistake (just in case you are not used to handle 3.5 inch disks: slide the locking tab in the position to _unblock_ the cut-out. For a memory hook you may think of actually locking the disk with a small padlock; this would be possible with an unblocked cutout, only.).

2. Insert the master disk into the 3.5" disk drive.

3. Start the application programme HFVExplorer. (A dialogue to update some icons might appear - just hit "OK" and proceed.)

4. Choose menu "File" - "Read volume from floppy ..." A dialogue appears to set file name and location to save the volume as a .DSK-file (kind of a disk image file, 1.4 MB in size)

You can now transfer the disk digitally from your WinPC

To create a new Macintosh disk, follow instructions in the next paragraph.

Instruction to create a Macintosh disk on a PC, using a .DSK file

5. Remove the master disk and insert a new 3.5" disk (1.4 MB), this one must be write enabled. Warning: the next step will erase and replace any data stored onto this disk!

6. Choose menu "File" - "Write volume to floppy ..." A dialogue appears to choose file name and location of the volume file you want to copy back to a floppy disk. After this step is finished successfully the new disk is a working copy, ready to use.

Where to get the software

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