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Macintosh Color Classic II
Performa 275
CPU: 33 MHz Motorola MC68030
FPU:Motorola 68882
RAM Type:72-pin SIMM
Maximum RAM: 36 MiB
Expansion slots: Enhanced LC-PDS
Supported OS: System 7.1 - Mac OS 7.6.1
Introduced:October 31 1993
Discontinued:November 1 1995
Full Specifications

The follow up to the Macintosh Colour Classic, the Colour Classic II (also sold as the Macintosh Performa 275) addressed many issues and was very much the machine that the Colour Classic should have been. It also marked the end of the compact all-in-one (AIO) Mac series, which was replaced by the full-sized LC 500 series.


Apple's first attempt at a colour equipped AIO Mac had not exactly been a resounding success. Users whom were initially drawn to the novelty of colour soon found that the Colour Classic was not only underpowered but also very restricted in its memory expansion options — it allowed a maximum of 10 MiB; hardly expansive. Released just over eight months after the Colour Classic, the Colour Classic II set about putting things right.

The SE/30 had been the last all-in-one Mac to sport a full blown floating point unit, but Apple made sure that the Colour Classic II packed as much punch as they could squeeze into it. Not only did it have a FPU, it was also seriously cranked up in the speed stakes and set to match the 68030's 33MHz — over twice the speed of the powerhouse SE/30.

The processor and clock speed weren't the only things that got an overhaul over the Colour Classic, and the Colour Classic II ditched the two 30-pin SIMM slots, replacing them with a single 72-pin slot. It may have resulted in less slots, but the 72-pin SIMMs allowed modules of up to 32 MiB to be plugged in and, coupled with the Colour Classic II's 4 MiB of on board RAM, the machine could boast an impressive 36 MiB of RAM.

Aside from the memory, processor speed and FPU, the Colour Classic II offered no advantages over the Colour Classic. No extra slots; no improved screen resolution; even the audio was mono rather than being upgraded to stereo.

Initially released in Canada — before being made available to Europe and Asia — the Colour Classic II never saw release in the U.S. and was the last of the 680x0 based all-in-one Macs.

Full Specifications

  • General
    • CPU: 33 MHz Motorola MC68030
    • FPU: Motorola 68882
    • ROM: 1 MiB
    • Bus Speed: 33 MHz
    • Data Path: 32-bit
    • RAM Type: 72-pin SIMM (80 ns)
    • Standard RAM: 4 MiB
    • RAM Onboard: 4 MiB
    • RAM Slots: 1
    • Maximum RAM: 36 MiB
    • Cache: ½ KiB (L1)
  • I/O & Expansion
    • ADB: 2
    • Serial: 2
    • SCSI: 1
    • Audio In: mini-jack
    • Audio Out: 8-bit 22 KHz mono (mini-jack)
    • Built-in Speaker: Mono
    • Built-in Microphone: Mono
    • PDS Slot Type: Enhanced LC
  • Storage
    • Hard Drive: 80 MiB - 160 MiB
    • Hard Drive Type: SCSI
    • Floppy Drive: One 1.44 MiB SuperDrive
  • Video
    • Built-in Display: Internal Sony Trinitron 10" CRT
    • Max Resolution: 512×342 (8-bit) [512×342 (16-bit) – Requires 512 KiB VRAM]
    • Standard VRAM: 256 KiB
    • VRAM Slots: 1
    • Maximum VRAM: 512 KiB
  • Miscellaneous
    • Codename: Montana, Apollo
    • Gestalt ID: 83
    • Power: 100W
    • PRAM Battery: 3.6V Lithium
    • Case Style: Macintosh Color Classic
    • Dimensions: 9.9" x 12.6" x 14.5" (W x D x H)
    • Weight: 22.5 lbs.
    • Mac OS Support: System 7.1 - Mac OS 7.6.1
    • Introduced: October 31 1993
    • Introduced: November 1 1995 (NEEDS CITATION)
    • MSRP: $1389(US)

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