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not sure how to best organize tips, but there's a thought

Given that tips are like "one-liner tutorials" (i.e. a "howto" that is "immediately" useful without lengthy explanation or step-by-step instructions) I'm not sure that we'll be creating a great number of articles for them (i.e. a bunch of short articles is probably not as useful as collecting them all in one page) and thus a category is not really warranted. It would be nice to have these tips relevant and contextual, too—most people are unlikely to read through a list of tips to find something that may or may not be useful, but OTOH if I read a was reading an article about Foo and came across a useful Foo tip, that would be great. However, for the minority of power users, a collected list of tips is helpful.

So what I'm thinking is that we should use subpages for these, and include them where relevant (like templates). Unlike templates, which are primarily navigational and intended for extensive reuse, these would be article content and thus in the main namespace. (I know that technically the main namespace doesn't "support" subpages but nothing prevents us from using pages this way.) We establish a convention that any article Foo may have a Foo/tips subpage. This subpage is included in Foo and also in "tip collection" pages. Tips gets deleted, and instead the few "tip collection" pages (e.g. word processing tips) can go in Tutorials—an individual tip isn't a tutorial, but a collection of them is. ⇔ ChristTrekker z 14:52, 14 April 2008 (UTC)