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A userbox is somewhat like an infobox, but intended for use on a user page instead of an article. By convention, the names end with "userbox" to make it obvious they are userbox templates.


Examples shown on individual template pages are not constrained in width—the width is specified in {{userboxtop}}. (Generally speaking, you should always place userboxes between {{userboxtop}} and {{userboxbottom}}.) Here is what they ought to look like.

Picasso Mac icon.png Proud A/UX geek!
NetBSD on Mac.png Runs NetBSD on a Mac.
Apple logo 6-color icon.png Apple user since 1995
Apple II IF.png Proud Apple II user!_
BackwardsDogcow287.png Moof!
Grim Reaper bw.png Death to Windows...
Love in 6 colors.png I ❤ my Mac!
Mac OS X logo 10.5.png Proud Mac OS X user!
Classic Mac OS face.jpg Proud Mac OS user!
68kMLA Apple with text.svg Has met 0 68kMLA members in real life.
STOP! User doesn't even own a Mac! (The shame, the horror!)

Sad Mac Has non-booting Macs in his collection.
z This user has an obsession with the classic Apple fonts of the 80s.
Happy Mac bw.png Proud System 6 user!
Happy Mac color.png Proud System 7 user!
Info icon color.png This userbox can have any content and icon you wish.