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Welcome to the 68kMLA Forum!

For some reason, our forum is the target of a few trolls and spammers and we have been searching for a solution. Right now, the best solution we have is to completely disable automatic registration activation.

What does this mean for you?
Mainly, we ask that you contact us if/when you'd like your account activated. The sooner you do this, the better.
What does this mean for us?
We are going to start pruning registrations of people who have not contacted us within about a month of their original registration.
This will keep the forum more clear of spam and people who wish simply to cause problems.
What happens next?
Just e-mail us at admin @ 68kmla.org. Please include your user name. We check the e-mail at least once per week, typically on Sundays. We will activate accounts for which we get such requests.