Правец 8

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Правец 8
Apple II
CPU: 1 MHz MOS Technology 6502
Maximum RAM: 64 KiB
Expansion slots: 8
Introduced: 1980
Discontinued: 1982
Full Specifications

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Manufactured in the city of the same name, the Правец 8 (en: Pravyets 8) was the first of a series of Bulgarian Apple ][ clones.


Fist released in 1980, the Правец 8 (also known as ИМКО-1 — an acronym for Индивидуальный Микрокомпьютер; en: Personal Microcomputer) was furnished with a 1 MHz MOS Technology 6502 processor; 48 KiB of main memory (expandable to 64 KiB) and 12 KiB of ROM, on which its Няма (en: Nyama) operating system resided. The Правец 8 shared the same video resolution as the Apple ][. Unlike the Apple ][, however, the Правец 8 didn't have an external floppy disk drive, so data was written to and read from magnetic tape.

Its case was virtually identical to the machine it was based on, with the key difference being that the housing for the CPU was a good 5 inches higher than the Apple ]['s. The Правец 8's keyboard also had the black key caps found on the Apple ][, but lacked the white power button in the bottom left hand corner. Like all Soviet computers, the keyboard layout followed the Russian ЙЦУКЕН (en: JCUKEN) standard.

The Правец 8 retailed for 4,190 Bulgarian lev (approximately US$2,600) before production ceased alongside the Apple ][, itself, in 1982.